Mensa 6

The idea of the Mensa6 table was to create a flexible, functional and simple table that could be adapted to different every day needs. Michael Schougaard Svane has succeeded in designing an award winning solution which, in a true aesthetic way suits the modern needs for simplicity and flexibility. A minimalist design , which like nature uses minimal material for maximum strength and stability. The table legs are held in place by the natural force and tension achieved from the their shape and construction. No screws or tools are required. The tabletop is only 6 mm in thickness, and made of compact laminate. The chosen materials are extremely durable and easy to maintain, and also makes the table ideal for outdoor use.


Mensa 6 Red Dot Design Award
92 x 170 x 72,5cm
92 x 210 x 72,5cm
92 x 240 x 72,5cm
Michael Schougaard Svane

Winner of a reddot design award