Flexible aesthetics.

Every house, every room and every customer is different - that was ekt’s motivation when designing Measure. This graceful black table is produced in Silkeborg, Denmark, and is the essence of flexible minimalism. The matte table top is created in NanoTech laminate that provides the surface with ultra high durability and resistance to scratches, fingerprints and light reflection. The strong, powder coated, legs blends with the matte black surface giving the table a coherent slender silhouette and a tactile structure. Measure is tailored for the needs of each individual family, and can be delivered in every measurement within 30x30cm by 150x300cm. ékt gives you the opportunity to create the perfect table for your home. For instance, 42,2x251cm if that is the ideal fit for your living room. Functional features like these make Measures minimalistic design ideal in both the modern kitchen, office and living room.